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About the Prosperity Campaign

The Prosperity Campaign is the name we’ve given to our free tax filing project. United Way, in partnership with multiple other agencies and organizations throughout Tampa Bay, is proud to offer free tax preparation services at locations throughout the bay area. Each year we help thousands of people file their federal returns at no cost and ensure they are filed accurately and that taxpayers receive the tax benefits they qualify for. We couldn’t do any of this without hundreds of dedicated volunteers, however! Volunteers are the foundation of the free tax program and serve in various roles, from preparing and e-filing returns to assisting at the door as greeters/intake specialists. As you’ll learn, you don’t need to have had prior experience with preparing tax returns to help out. We provide all of the training you need for whichever role you are interested in. All we ask is that you come ready to learn, ready to meet and work with a wide variety of people, and able to serve for as much of tax season as possible.

Is volunteering with the Prosperity Campaign right for you?

We are committed to providing a quality service to the community, and we also want this to be a meaningful, positive experience for you. We realize that not every volunteer project is “one size fits all.” The following questions can help you determine if working at our free tax sites is the right project for you and something you will truly enjoy.

The following questions will help you determine if volunteering with the Prosperity Campaign is right for you.

Tax Preparers and Tax Site Assistants

1. New tax preparers will need to complete at least eight hours of training and, depending on the filing program utilized, sometimes up to thirty-two hours. Greeters/Intake Specialists will need to complete a brief training and orientation to learn the duties specific to their role. Can you commit to attending all required trainings for your position sometime between October and January?

2. Tax preparers use on-site computers to prepare returns electronically. For tax preparers, are you comfortable using a computer and able to learn new software?

3. Our sites serve a diverse group of clients. Do you enjoy working one-on-one with a wide range of people?

4. At our sites, every day is different. Are you comfortable in a changing environment where you may be asked to take on different tasks as necessary?

5. The families who visit the sites each year- as well as the coordinators who run them- rely on volunteers showing up at the site consistently and giving their best. Can we count on you to work at least one shift a week (typically 2-4 hours) for the duration of tax season and/or to notify your coordinator if you’re unable to do so?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions for the role you are interested in, then the Prosperity Campaign would be a good fit for you! We invite you to take the next step and fill out an application and/or sign up for an orientation.

Apply Here — Job Descriptions

If you want to volunteer in Pinellas County, please click here.


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